Alan Leatherman Tells US All About ‘Her’

Alan Leatherman

As you have probably already learned from Indie Band Guru, we are strong believers that good music is good music, no matter what the genre. When passion and emotion is poured into the songs of an artist it is easily recognized. This is the beauty of music. Our recent discovery Alan Leatherman has the same mindset and approaches his music with a fervor that draws in all listeners.

Music captured his heart and soul at an early age. Alan Leatherman grew up on a diverse sonic diet consisting of such artists as Stevie Wonder, Nancy Wilson, A Tribe Called Quest, and legends like Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, and Ella Fitzgerald. A perfect musical foundation was laid.

Performing around his native city of Houston, Texas in his high school years garnered Alan Leatherman a lot of attention. He was given an NFAA Award (National Foundation for Advancement in Arts). Prestigious music institutions pursued him. Alan decided to take the big step and head to The Juilliard School in New York City. He was also a Master candidate in Vocal Performance at NYU.

The New York scene had a big effect on the development of Alan Leatherman. Genres mattered less and less as he was one to appreciate the beauty in all styles of music. Although Jazz remained his focus, there have been great influences from the Soul, Funk, Blues, and R&B genres.

The latest release by Alan Leatherman is the ambitious album Her. The 10 track record is still heavy in Jazz influence but there are tones from many other genres. The opener “The Promise Of You” lays down the foundation for a relaxing listen allowing the magnificent vocals of Leatherman to shine through. Prepare to let your body sink into your comfortable chair.


We really get to experience the musical diversity on “Green Light”. The bass beat and piano fills give us the vibe of an underground Jazz lounge. The vocals bring in the influence of real storytelling with even a hint of hip hop styling. The elegance throughout is just so pretty.  

Alan Leatherman Shares True Love

The album’s title track “Her” turns up the energy. Although a love song, there is not a ballad. There is an excitement that gets me interested in meeting this amazing woman Alan Leatherman is singing about. Real emotion in a more intimate tone creeps through “Never Say” and “Simple Little Moment”. There is true love here.

We can almost approach pop sounds on “Blame Game”. It seems as if the love is fleeting but the peppy tone of the track gives it a positive spin. The listener is invited to feel exactly what Alan is feeling.

As we reach the closer “Yours Alone” there is a Blues Jazz vibe that takes over the speakers. The drums, piano, and even some electric guitar stand out here for their skilled performance. Leatherman’s vocals attack the track with soaring levels grabbing the full attention of the listener. We are all left wanting even more.

Dive into the WEBSITE of Alan Leatherman for music and info on what is coming next.