The Big Pink Releases Cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday” Alongside New Single

Big Pink

Hailing from the UK, electro/indie rock band The Big Pink just dropped two new songs.

Their newest single “How Far We’ve Come” is the lead track off of their forthcoming album. The song is a collaboration that seamlessly combines the vocals of Io Echo’s Ionna Giko and the guitar skills of Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the atmospheric quality of The Big Pink’s electronic sound.

Though it was originally intended for Io Echo, Robbie Furze of The Big Pink ended up using it as the opening track for their forthcoming record. It still makes great use of Giko’s ethereal vocals, blending them well with the guitar lines and electronic sounds.

Propelled by the driving force that the background beats and rhythms create, “How Far We’ve Come” is catchy and inviting. The smooth vocals lay on top of a foundation of synth chords that make the track atmospheric and bring you back to listen again and again.

The Big Pink Covers New Order Classic to Promote Local Labels

The Big Pink released their cover of “Blue Monday” in support of an alternative Record Store Day hosted by Blank City Records. While national Record Store Days have been overtaken by major labels and vinyl re-releases, Blank City Records wanted to use the release of “Blue Monday” as a reactionary event.

“We are very much about community and supporting our local stores, artists and suppliers, but we also want to support our fellow local labels and create that community with them too – we’re not in competition, we’re comrades in arms,” said Blank City Records co-founder Marc Sallis on the event.

The Big Pink’s cover of “Blue Monday” served as the musical face of the highly supported event, which was held November 27.

Adding their signature atmospheric electronic sound to the song, The Big Pink modernizes the classic track in a cover that is a testament to the band’s originality.

The Big Pink’s cover of “Blue Monday” is uniquely theirs, and they waste no time putting their own stamp on a song that is known so well.

“Blue Monday,” along with the newest single “How Far We’ve Come,” is garnering buzz and anticipation regarding The Big Pink’s still-awaited third full-length record.

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