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Cameron Blake is Here So ‘Fear Not’

The new album by Cameron Blake is titled Fear Not. It is a wide-ranging second album release from a trained musician and equally talented lyricist with the wise judgment to surround himself with sympathetic collaborators. There are nearly fifty additional musicians appearing over the course of Fear Not’s twelve songs and the reality that he has

Auresia Brings Us The New Sound Of World Pop

Music will always be a force in bringing the world together. Sounds from all corners of the globe have been successfully melded into songs that are truly global now. The constraints of genre no longer matter. Our recent discovery Auresia has taken this music of the world to even further heights.   The Canadian singer-songwriter

Jon Magnusson Releases Folky EP “Psalms for Sinners”

Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist Jon Magnusson recently released his second EP, entitled Psalms for Sinners. Consisting of four songs, Magnusson considers many different sounds and demonstrates his versatility. Each song on the album is unique and has its own individual characteristics and style, making the short EP exciting and diverse. Psalms for Sinners opens with “Visa från