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Pamela Hute Releases Music Video for “Banshees”

Pamela Hute, born in Paris, has so far had a life-long love affair with music. Her songs reflect an electro, pop, post-punk, and rock style.  The perfect soundtrack for the independent market. Her first album, “Turtles Tales From Overseas,” was released to critical acclaim. The twelve tracks gave an autobiographical tale of struggle, separation, and

Lolahiko’s Unexpectedly Relatable Funeral

“Where did my life go, descending into a hole? I knew that I wouldn’t last long, I was never strong enough…Just don’t cry at my Funeral. I’ve already died it’s a Funeral. What’s the point in crying? I’ve already done the dying.” Pair those lyrics with an otherworldly sound and haunting chorus and Lolahiko’s single,

Jules Verne Theory Takes On The Apex Predator

With this tumultuous political climate currently throughout the world many artists are expressing their thoughts in song.  Musicians, especially independent artists, are often in touch with the the real world and unafraid to let their mind be heard.  Even bands that are not really known for their politics are getting into the action as of