Celine Cairo Crowdfunding Her Debut Album, “Free Fall”

Celine Cairo

Celine Cairo is easily one of the most talented artists to rise out of the Amsterdam indie-pop scene. She attacks every song with a compelling power in her voice, almost demanding an instant reaction. Her vocal style is enthralling, captivating, and altogether angelic. She released a well-received EP in 2010 and now she’s looking to release her first full project.

A while back, she was awarded for one of her first singles, “In The Light”, and was then invited to perform it live at Carnegie Hall here in New York. This experience led to some serious exposure – including several television appearances and tons of live shows – and eventually she crossed paths with some top-notch producers (FINK in Britain and Bill Lefler in LA) and started making magic we hear from her today.

Artists like Cairo don’t come around often so when they ask for a bit of help, it’s only right to lend a hand. She’s come to Pledgemusic to crowdfund her first full-length album, Free Fall. It’s an album built from the ground up, with intimate lyricism and the bass-bumping, synths to put you over the edge. We can’t wait to see how it turns out.


Celine Cairo: Keeping It Comin’

Songs like “Friendly Fire” are an excellent depiction of the kind of artistry we’ll see from Cairo as she continues to develop. She is always sure to grace the track with vibrant vocalism and well-planned build up in terms of the instrumentation behind her. It’s as if she’s center stage in an opra hall belting wondrously overtop the synthesized orchestra behind her.

Then there are songs like, “Frozen Water“. Slow-paced and acoustically driven, the Dutch vocalist lets her heartfelt lyricism tug playfully at your heartstrings as the piece rolls along. She finds herself at home on these tracks just as much as any other, but I’m excited to see her perform something a bit more upbeat.

When you find the time to give her a listen I’d suggest trying “More”. The song has been beautifully woven into an almost matrimonial masterpiece, finding a loving bond between singer and listener.


High Hopes

After really giving her a chance, I’ve set the bar pretty high for this one. Celine Cairo is a fantastically talented singer and seems to have the drive to push forward in her career. She’s still young and has so much room for growth. It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out for her.

Seriously, take some time to visit her Pledgemusic campaign page. Snoop around a bit and you’ll probably come across the perfect incentive in exchange for your support.