This Is Chapell Shows How Persistence Pays Off

This Is Chapell

There is something to be said about persistence in the music industry. It can be a wild ride of crazy ups and downs but those with passion will always succeed in the end. Music has a way of testing your dedication. Luckily for all of us, Alan Chapell stuck it out and we get to hear his latest record.


The story starts in Stamford, Connecticut. Music came calling early for Chapell. He was singing and playing the trumpet before he was 8 years old. Classical piano came in his early teens as he toured the local middle schools showcasing his talents.


After college, some major success came with Chapell’s band All The Voices. They were pulling in 1000 person crowds throughout the Northeast. They toured with such stars as Flock Of Seagulls, 10,000 Maniacs, Crash test Dummies, and Echo and the Bunnymen. The quick rise of grunge in the early 90’s pushed the All The Voices sound aside just as quickly in the ears of fans.


An interesting journey of discovery was next for Chapell. Alan went to India to make music with the well respected East-West fusion band Kalki. Writing some Indian TV jungles and even some time as a video jockey made the experience interesting.


Upon returning to the States, he settled in New York City. It took some fatherly advice but soon Alan returned to doing what he loved, creating original music. The new sound is a mix of both retro and modern rock to create something that is solely Chapell. Intelligent pop for discerning adults.


This Is Chapell is now ready for us 


The new year will see a new EP by This Is Chapell called Soul Man. The 4 track EP is an ode to timeless NYC to a degree. The opener “Soul Man” starts us off with a heartfelt tone provided by some emotion-filled vocals. The elegant piano and super production create a truly relaxing song.


We are treated a more of a party atmosphere on “Watercolors”. The sped up energy puts some excitement in the speakers. The instruments blend perfectly while all staying in their own sonic space. This continues on the closer “She’s On Fire” as well. The vocal delivery here has a modern new wave vibe. Some interesting keyboard sounds fill out the song keeping the listener paying close attention to where the track will go next.


You can keep an ear out for the new record and find show dates and other news on the This Is Chapell WEBSITE.