Elevant Takes Us Across Life’s Spectrum With their New EP, “Normal Life”


Elevant takes us across the gamut of the human experience with “Normal Life”. Within the 5 track EP we are exposed to anger, lust, love, hope, war, and even displacement. We live many lives set to the hard edges of rock tempos.

Elevant brings a taste of 90’s hard rock into a world now saturated with feel-good pop.

Elevant takes us from life’s highs to tragic lows. “Normal Life” goes from dark, brooding and evocative to powerful, anger driven music with soaring and raging guitar riffs.

We start with the first track, “Acral Affection”. It sends us back to the days when rock could be powered by angry and compelling guitar riffs. The riffs are compelling and jarring, all at once. The influence of the recently passed Chris Cornell is clear in the sound of the vocals but remains independent in style.
Then we drift into a softer, almost groovy feel with Slow. We feel a palpable passion for the person being described. Seductive and laced with a harder edge, this is my favorite track on the EP.
Next, “Stabs” sows the seeds of widespread discord and taps into the anger and dissatisfaction that many feel. The music is rough, even vaguely discordant but Elevant owns that intention and uses it to pull you out of your comfort zone.  “Somewhere Safe” lulls us into a dreamy state with its melody, but starkly contrasts its music by adding pain fueled lyrics. A story-line of a refugee family pulls the raw emotion right from the listener and makes you live it. You can’t hide from such powerful storytelling.
Finally, the title track, “Normal Life”, speaks to the wistful yet driving desire to end up with a peaceful, “normal” life. Varying tempos takes the listener on a personal journey guide by Elevant.
Listeners will be drawn to Elevant’s EP, “Normal Life”. Grunge elements mixed with Trip-Hop drum loops will keep you transfixed from track to track.
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