Guaranteed Music review

Due to the large volume of requests and e-mails we receive at Indie Band Guru for features, album reviews, and interviews, we are now offering a Guaranteed Music Review. We will always continue to accept free music submissions but with the horde of music we receive, it is next to impossible to listen to it all. We decided to offer these paid placements as a way to prioritize who and what we feature as well as try to make a living through our sacrifice and dedication to the indie music community.  We do this as affordable as possible.

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Indie Music Love

Why pay for a? Guaranteed Music Review?

We want you to understand that we are listening to all kinds of independent music each day and a huge portion of what we do is solely for our passion for independent music. Bands, artists, and musicians who are willing to pay a small fee for a feature placement are proving how serious they are about their music and we strive to honor that level of dedication by offering a level of promotion that these hard working artists deserve.

Independent Music Needs Exposure

As an added bonus, we have noticed that bands who are willing to spend their hard earned money for a review tend to have true talent and better-produced music. This makes it much easier to write a positive review for them.

Guaranteed Music Review

Why be featured on the IndieBandGuru website?

Your feature will be on the site forever. This will allow you to leverage our hard earned SEO ranking. It will improve your chances of ranking higher in search results when people search for independent music. Having a link from our site back to your site also helps your own site rank higher in search engines.

You will be able to use our feature and quotes in your own Press materials and EPKs.  This adds a professional level when approaching venues, labels, publishers, other bloggers, fans, and other important people in the industry. It is very important to have outside opinions about your music. 

We have spent years building our network in the independent music community and we have established many connections that pay attention to the music we share with them.  Our growing list of website visitors, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Instagram followers, and RSS feed subscribers will all see your feature, hopefully drawing some new fans.

Reviews and blog features increase your buzz showing that someone other than you enjoys your music. It’s simply a great idea to have other people talking about you and your music in a positive light.

The Indie Band Guru team is on the Internet every day sharing, networking, and driving traffic to our website. You are guaranteed exposure.

Help Yourself With A Guaranteed Music Review

Our basic review includes an intro of your band with some background and a few paragraphs about your music and particular songs.  Each 300+ word review is Search Engine Optimized and provides a feature photo and embedded music stream.  Browse HERE to see some past reviews.

We will include a photo and link to your website or iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify links.

Some additional extras we offer are:

  •    Facebook and Twitter Promotions
  •    Additional reviews on other high-quality music blogs
  •    Featured Interviews
  •    and more

A Guaranteed Music Review starts at $50.  Get in touch NOW and let’s give your music the exposure it truly deserves!