Inward Of Eden Proves Hard Work Rocks

Inward Of Eden

We all know the amount of hard work and sacrifice it takes in the quest to become a successful musician.  You must be willing to do the things that no one else will do now, so you can live your dream like no one else can later.  The story of Dusty Owen and his band Inward Of Eden is a testament to doing what needs to be done for success.

It all started in Knoxville, Tennessee, as a solo project of Dusty as he was putting together a debut album for Inward Of Eden back in 2012.  He knew right away that he needed this debut to have a professionally produced sound.  He set his sights on Grammy nominated producer Travis Wyrick, who has worked with P.O.D., Pillar, 10 Years, Dolly Parton and the Charlie Daniels Band.  Dusty Owens says “I decided that I would do my first album with him by any means necessary.”

After getting in touch with Wyrick through a mutual friend, Dusty was able to talk him into letting him do work as a trade-off to pay for the album because he could not afford the rates.  From walking dogs to cleaning up the studio, Dusty did whatever it took to get that first album made.  

Since then, Inward Of Eden has grown tremendously.  The full lineup has been filled with four powerhouse musicians; lead guitarist Dustin Lambin, bassist Donnie Hall, drummer Shawn Siler and rhythm guitarist Chris Gaumond.  Together with Dusty Owens, they combine an eclectic array of influences that melds together to form the exclusive Inward Of Eden sound.

Now the band is ready to release a high-octane new EP called Mind Control.  Although only 4 songs, there is enough energy for a full album here.  The EP opens with “Slow Burn”.  The slower pace of the track is in direct contrast to the roaring instruments and powerful vocals.  This is a true rock n roll ballad.  

The Knoxville influence is heard on “”Devil” as a southern rock sound melds with a strong drumbeat and the appearance of some organ fills.  The shadowy female theme in the song, about a girl with sociopathic tendencies, paints a dark picture.  The title track “Mind Control” kicks back up the old school rock feel with classic guitar fills and a pounding drum leading the track.  We close with the emotional raw rock of “Ghost Of Amelie”.  The vocals take center stage again as a story is told of a ghost haunting her killer.  Deep imagery that demands multiple listens.

Keep a look out for the new EP and much more Inward Of Eden coming soon.