Kyler Aagard Finds Real Inspiration

Kyler Aagard

There are many motivating factors for pursuing a career in music. Some artists solely want fame and fortune while others have a more noble purpose. To put in the amount of hard work and time needed to become a success you need a real inspiration. Our recent discovery Kyler Aagard is making music for all the right reasons.

The singer-songwriter and bedroom producer hails from the small town of Nephi, Utah. Kyler Aagard always seemed to have a way with words and poetry but only picked up the guitar about 5 years ago to start writing music.

Kyler Aagard Has Someone To Make Proud

His real inspiration was his Grandmother. Kyler would sing to her while working at her antique store. She was amazed by his talent and pushed him to share his music with the world. In a horrific twist of fate,  his grandmother was killed in a car accident. He was devastated. This pushed Kyler Aagard to invest in musical equipment and devote his time to developing his music to make her proud.



Plans are for a full album in the Fall, but Aagard has been premiering that goal with a few unique songs. The first is the song “After Party”. The dark and brooding keyboard led track dives into some deep subjects. The lyrics share real emotions and experiences of dealing with his brother’s fight with depression and drug addiction. The melody will creep deep into your soul as if you were right there with him living with the same pain.



The most recent single release is another thinking man’s anthem titled “So Close To Love”. The repeating piano melody again creates that trancelike feel that seems to wash over the listener’s body. The emotions are truly evident as Kyler Aagard tells the story of a couple that was so close to loving each other, but something deep inside kept it from working out.

He is definitely on the right path with these songs that are easily relatable and can connect with the listener both in real life and emotionally.

We are excited to see and hear more from Kyler Aagard. I am sure his grandmother is proud as she looks down on him. Keep up with more music on Kyler’s SOUNDCLOUD or BANDCAMP pages.