Madelyn Grant Crowd-Funding Her Premier EP

Madelyn Grant

Madelyn Grant says she’s found her purpose and, honestly, it’s hard to disagree.

She’s only just barely slipped her toe into the roaring tides of the music industry and has already made a huge splash. She’s toured across the United States with an internationally recognized DJ by the name of FKJ, has performed on the ODESZA track “Sun Models,” and has a slew of other featuring spots.

She’s got a very strong voice and an innovative style that lies at the intersection of three major genres. Grant uses R&B and Soul as the main source of her inspiration but frequently utilizes an electro-pop finish to bind a track together with Hallmark wrapping paper and a bright red bow.

Madelyn Grant has worked tirelessly over these past few years — working a full time job in retail whilst still finding the time for studio visits and live performances. She’s got a new EP, Purpose, in the works and is currently funding it with a Kickstarter campaign with just about two days left.

She’s got passion, desire, and a damn good voice. Now all she needs is a little help.

Madelyn Grant Nuzzling Into A Niche

Madelyn Grant refuses to limit herself to a single genre. There are times where she’s very neo-soul and times where she is almost irresistibly electro-pop. She’s wonderfully versatile as an artist and although her styles may differ from one track to the next, there’s one thing that simply will never change.

The woman sings like an angel.

“Seven Seas” is a piece she released about a year ago with big time EDM producer Emancipator. It’s an excellent showcase of Grant’s ability to just take over a track and sing with outright conviction and confidence.

Good, right?

If you like hearing an angelic voice float harmonically over soft house and a maybe a little soul, then Madelyn Grant is definitely the artist for you.

She also has a few more tracks listed on her Soundcloud that you’re sure to fall in love with. Give it a listen!

Madelyn Grant: Making An Entrance

So she’s only been in the game for two years and has already helped put together a Grammy nominated performance.

Her collaboration with with ODESZA racked up a quick 35 million streams on Spotify and another 13 million on Soundcloud. Madelyn Grant also did a song with FKJ called “Waiting,” which amassed 2 million views on both Spotify and Soundcloud.

Madelyn Grant is still very, very new to this game but she’s already well on her way to winnin’ it. There’s no doubt in my mind that hers is a name we are sure to see again — and likely in flashing lights.

The question is: will you be able to say you were a fan before the fame?