Magazine Gap Blends Genres For Next Big Pop Sound

Magazine Gap

When different styles from different band members can meld into one unique sound a kind of magic happens.  We are treated to something fresh while still appealing to our love for all these assorted influential genres.  Our recent find Magazine Gap has found a way to do just this with their original sound.

The three-piece band from London is named after a major road in Hong Kong where two of the band members actually grew up, even though they didn’t meet until both had settled in London.  The unique sound that Magazine Gap has managed is a slick mesh of true pop music with funk and jam music elements mixed in.  This unusual sonic combination along with some truly professional production gives them music that is ready for mainstream radio airplay.

The band is also well known for their live performances.  Magazine Gap has had headlining shows throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.  They also crisscrossed the United States and the Far East expanding their worldwide appeal.  Magazine Gap delivered an acclaimed concert at the world’s most eclectic music festival – Montreux – in front of a discerning audience of 2,000 people.

The latest single “Calling Card” is accompanied by an impressive music video that showcases Magazine Gap in action.  The powerful and sultry vocals lead the way over a funky beat.  The piano adds another layer of beauty to the track.  There is something here for everyone.  The production is so slick and professional making “Calling Card” a song that can reach all audiences.

Magazine Gap is definitely a band to keep an eye on.  Follow them and hear more music on their WEBSITE.