IBG Interview – 7 Questions With… Operation Neptune Spear

Operation Neptune Spear


The beauty of the social media! A random introductory message on Twitter turned into a deep discussion and sharing of ideas. Our new friends from melodic groove rockers Operation Neptune Spear then sat down with us to give us a look at their development and songwriting process. Enjoy the chat below:


-Where did you get the name, Operation Neptune Spear?

Operation Neptune Spear was as I am sure you’re aware the codename for the mission launched by Seal Team 6 to neutralise Osama Bin Laden on 2nd of May, 2011. It’s a name that suits the tone and mood of our music quite well.


-How would you describe your unique sound?

I would describe it as a full frontal audio assault many others have described it as the illegitimate love child of Rage against the Machine, Oasis, and Motorhead.


-What bands influenced your musical development?

That’s rather a tough question to answer as there are literally too many bands and musicians to list, our musical taste is very eclectic and ranges from Bach (Classical) to The Berserker (Death Metal), basically everything and anything that isn’t house, techno, dubstep etc


-What drives you to create music?

The desire to create music I think is innate in all humans it’s sometimes an attempt to express what you can’t articulate via conventional means other times it’s just a straight attempt to hammer home simple points and ideas and suppose it’s that idea of communicating with people on another level that is the real drive.


-Tell us about how your songs come together. What is the process?

Most of the time it starts with a guitar riff and it expands from there it gets played and amended then more riffs are added creating a rough structure then the drums come out to play and a beat created to fit the structure, bass then gets added. When all the music is recorded and done I sit down and have a listen back numerous times to get a feel for the track and start to write the lyrics, when they have been concocted I scream them at the Ipad and the track is done.


-What advice would you give to other independent artists

Don’t give up and don’t get disheartened. There are a lot of people out there that won’t like your music and will put you down but there are also a lot of people who will help you out and give you support and encouragement. Keep doing what you do at the end of the day not everyone is going to make it as long as you enjoy doing what you do keep doing it. We all know most unsigned acts out there are better than what’s currently mainstream and signed to a label.


-What’s next for Operation Neptune Spear?

Well, now we are currently gathering ideas and riffs for our third album and are hoping to get it out by the end of the year and possibly squeeze in a fourth. We are also working on a few collaborations currently looking at one with a band called SLaM. If you like your metal you should check them out.

As well as all that, I might find time to gather some like-minded musicians and get out and play some gigs!


Go get a taste for more Operation Neptune Spear music on their SOUNDCLOUD.


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