S.O.S. Enters The Electro Pop World With A Mission


As an independent songwriter, you must be willing to keep experimenting and often changing your sound.  This development helps in your skills as a musician and often leads you on a path to find a truly unique sound that is all yours.  Music fans seek out this uniqueness.  A perfect example is the rising star that is S.O.S.

The mind behind S.O.S. is 22-year-old Anglo-Maltese singer, songwriter, and producer Sophie Debattista.  She has always had a passion for music and was already a performer at prestigious events and television in Malta in his teens.  By the age of 18, Sophie decided to move to the United Kingdom to further increase her opportunities.  She has become a regular around the live music circuit in London.

In 2013 Sophie Debattista was awarded a scholarship to study for a BA in Songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London.  This added even more opportunities to expand her sound and perform in a variety of major venues.

This new experience led to the discovery of an electro-pop sound that officially started the S.O.S. era.  Influences range from Ellie Goulding, Lorde, NAO to Halsey.  

S.O.S. Introduces Her New Sound


The latest single released by S.O.S. is the powerful “Silent Witness”.  This is the second release from her debut Edges Of The Mind EP set to be unveiled later this year.  

There is a dark vibe to the beat with exotic sounds creeping along in the background.  The sultry vocals of S.O.S. add a seductive layer that draws the listener in deep.  

Sophie gives a glimpse into the song’s meaning saying “Silent Witness is about a young girl who finds herself in a difficult situation. She’s at an age where her friends are beginning to experiment with new ventures however she doesn’t feel like she’s ready to join them just yet and doesn’t want to rush into maturing too quickly. When she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, she has to make an important decision whether to live up to her friends’ expectations or whether to listen to her heart and not go through with it.”

The listener will be completely within the S.O.S. world as the song enters deep in your psyche making you think and dance at the same time.  The multiple styles within the one track show an artist that can break into whatever sound she chooses.

Keep an eye and ear out for more news and songs on the S.O.S. WEBSITE.