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Roman Takes Country To The City

All too often we assume that certain styles of music must be from certain areas of the world. Why? We all get to hear music from all over the world. Why can’t we be influenced by it and put our own spin on it, even if we are not in the heart of the genre?

Eugene Tyler Band change direction with “Short Ride”

Country slangin’ Eugene Tyler Band’s latest track “Short Ride” explores their sophomore record Young Randy. Young Randy, out September 2017, brings a more stripped down intensity of the Eugene Tyler Band’s live show into a studio record. “Short Ride” shows this more acoustic centered side that the band headed towards on the record. Centered around

Joseph Pagano Keeping The Dream Alive

Making music is a lifelong passion.  Even when life goes in different directions, the passion for creating your own personal sound never disappears.  So when the bug bites just get up and do it.  Whether the song is just for you or the whole world to hear doesn’t matter.  What matters is pursuing your musical