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Close Talker tease new album with “Okay Hollywood”

Canadian Indie band, Close Talker, just announced, the released their first single from their third album “Okay Hollywood”. The first single “Okay Hollywood,” out now, is the perfect release to hype up the upcoming third album, “Lens,” out this Spring. “Okay Hollywood” is a sarcastic anthem poking fun at people’s tendencies and taking themselves and their own agenda’s too

Omar Bowing Takes Us To A Musical Utopia

As any rock band can tell you, keep on developing or die!  For the independent artist there is no slowing down or time off.  You must keep the pedal to the metal writing songs and getting them out into the world for the public to eat them up.  Our friends from Omar Bowing have been

Monkey Mind Is Ready To Enter Your Mind

Being part of a band can be a struggle.  Having 4 musicians work together to form one cohesive unit of sound is difficult enough.  Throw in different personalities and personal stresses makes it hard for any band to keep it going.  But when it all works out, it all seems to be worth it.  Our