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Free Man Takes Us Back To A Better Time

The beauty of great musical genres is that they will always come full circle and return to the favor of the true music fan. Let’s face it, the current state of popular music is not exactly forming classic tracks. Diving back into what worked over the past few decades is our recent discovery Free Man.

Stellarscope Takes Us On A Full Sonic Trip

Today there are the pop songs of the mainstream radio that entertain the masses but have no real soul.  In the indie underground, there still exist heartfelt and edgy music that puts all the emotions of the songwriter right in the speakers for everyone to feel.  This is the music that truly resonates with real

Close Talker tease new album with “Okay Hollywood”

Canadian Indie band, Close Talker, just announced, the released their first single from their third album “Okay Hollywood”. The first single “Okay Hollywood,” out now, is the perfect release to hype up the upcoming third album, “Lens,” out this Spring. “Okay Hollywood” is a sarcastic anthem poking fun at people’s tendencies and taking themselves and their own agenda’s too