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FXRRVST Explores The Beauty Of ‘May XXVI’

The Toronto, Canada based duo of Matthew Fuentes and Holly Forrest’s album May XXVI serves up a delectable platter of nine alternative rock influenced songs that, nonetheless, sport a relentlessly catchy edge. This sort of guitar-driven power pop with substanceby FXRRVST has a quality in short supply virtually every generation – the talent for bringing

The Herald Enters A Sea Of Strangers

There will always be a special bond between members of a band. Pouring heart and soul into creating music together creates a brotherhood. Friendship is one thing but this reaches another level. This seem to be the case with our recent find The Herald. The melodic rock band is now based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Noiseheads Come Home with New Single

Power rock trio Noiseheads just dropped their latest track, “Homecoming,” off their upcoming album, Sitcoms for Aliens. As the first release from the LP, “Homecoming” seems like the perfect track to showcase it. Noiseheads have been hailed as “one of America’s most promising young rock bands” by AlternativeNation, and “Homecoming” is filling those big shoes.