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Meet the new Millennial Anthem “Evil” from CRANE

Being a millennial today is matched with criticism from older generations. From buying avocado toast to not buying houses, everything we do is met with negativity for an unknown reason. Music is one way we’ve chosen to speak out about the constant criticism. CRANE’s latest track “Evil” speaks up about this. Co-written with the So-Cal

Jehangir Aziz Hayat Keeps 90’s Grunge Alive

The influence of American music has reached all corners of the globe. From the early rock n roll of the 1950’s to the modern electronic pop music of today, musicians from many countries have taken pieces and refined it into their own sound. Our latest discovery Jehangir Aziz Hayat seems unlikely to have found the

Free Man Takes Us Back To A Better Time

The beauty of great musical genres is that they will always come full circle and return to the favor of the true music fan. Let’s face it, the current state of popular music is not exactly forming classic tracks. Diving back into what worked over the past few decades is our recent discovery Free Man.