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Murochny Takes Us On A Psychedelic Trip

Creating music will always be about exploring your own mind. Amazing sonic experiences are within everyone. The dedicated and talented few are able to get that music out of their head and into the world. Our latest discovery Murochny has found this outlet and is ready for everyone to hear.   Born in a small

Ian C. Bouras Reinvents on Absence (live looping)

Ian C. Bouras’ latest solo effort Absence (live looping) showcases his guitar and melodic skills through an array of electronic treatments and effects. He demonstrates an immense understanding of manipulating sound and orchestrates each of the album’s fourteen songs in a way that draws your attention and holds it throughout. Absence is a professionally presented

Hamid Sami Explores Sound on Cold Days

Some individuals have so much music inside of them that they must find different outlets to release it out into the world. Having solo and group projects helps to find a spot for everything. Our recent discovery Hamid Sami is one such musical mind. His talent needs to be heard. The singer-songwriter and composer hails