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Hamid Sami Explores Sound on Cold Days

Some individuals have so much music inside of them that they must find different outlets to release it out into the world. Having solo and group projects helps to find a spot for everything. Our recent discovery Hamid Sami is one such musical mind. His talent needs to be heard. The singer-songwriter and composer hails

Alan Marshall Brings Us Out Of The “Cold”

Music should bring beauty and positivity into the mind of its listeners. There are many ways to do this. It seems like our most recent discovery Alan Marshall has mastered this with his original sound. The 24-year-old producer is of Polish/American descent and brings a wide variety of experiences and styles into his music. Now

IBG Interview – 7 Questions With Shambhu

In today’s modern world, people are feeling more disconnected and stressed than ever. Our recent discovery Shambhu transforms the stillness and silence of meditation into calming sounds. An acclaimed guitarist and composer, Shambhu delivers a deeply soulful and self-reflective experience with his third studio album, Soothe, released on 1 February 2017.    We caught up