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Caroline Ferrante Reaches For The Sky

There are far too many songs out there buried under cliches and the same old symbolism. An artist willing to take the challenge to avoid this somewhat easy way out will always inspire. Our recent find Caroline Ferrante does just that with her music that approaches the world in a much more real way. The

Flatt Lonesome Shares Silence in These Walls

Silence in These Walls is a twelve song collection and fourth album from decorated six piece Flatt Lonesome. Their 2013 self-titled debut onto the Americana/country music scene announced the arrival of a versatile and educated unit capable of capturing the spirit of traditional music while still giving it an uniquely modern spin and imbuing each

Wendy Webb Wants You To Step Out Of Line

There are some artists that are able to connect with the listener and share in their emotions. This relatable connection creates an almost friend vibe where the fans want to do whatever they can to help the artist achieve their musical dreams. One such artist is the amazing Wendy Webb. The singer-songwriter caught the musical