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Wendy Webb Wants You To Step Out Of Line

There are some artists that are able to connect with the listener and share in their emotions. This relatable connection creates an almost friend vibe where the fans want to do whatever they can to help the artist achieve their musical dreams. One such artist is the amazing Wendy Webb. The singer-songwriter caught the musical

C.K. Flach Shares Raw Emotion on Empty Mansions

For a songwriter to be successful they must be able to find inspiration everywhere. It is not always these deep underground feelings that have to be shared. There is plenty of things happening in the world every day that needs a song to make them digestible and even make the difficult situations interesting to connect

Jake Ward is Back And Restless

A secret can only be kept for so long. We introduced the pop country sound of Jake Ward on the pages of IndieBandGuru back in June of last year. He has continued to push ahead and is now back with another track that is ready to step up his fan base even more. Jake has