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Lakotah Turns Up The Rock On ‘Pesticide’

With the wide variety of musical genres circulating the airwaves nowadays, we get to hear everything. Taking that inspiration and combining different styles is the basis for creating something fresh and original. Our recent discovery Lakotah is perking up lots of ears with her new sound. The Billboard Charting Recording artist is currently based in

IBG Interview Series with MAZEMENT

Some of us are lucky enough to know our passion for music early in life. We are able to grab opportunities at a young age and let a wide variety of influences shape a unique sound. We recently came across MAZEMENT who knew what he wanted before he even hit his teenage years and has

Woochia Will Enter Your Mind Through Sound

If you are willing to open your ears, there is music everywhere. Let every sound act as a potential influence and your mind can create beautiful and melodic music. Our recent discovery Woochia has taken this to the next level with his imaginative and eclectic sound. Originally from Paris, France and now based in London,