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Alex Stanilla Redefines Electro-Pop with Qualia

There are two different strains of music being created today. There is mainstream Pop music that seems to be constricting itself into one simple and basic formula where all the songs sound the same. Then there is the independent music makers that are taking all the tools available to create something new and fresh without

Jules Verne Theory is No ‘One Hit Wonder’

It has been a while now since our friends from Jules Verne Theory decided to come out from behind the scenes and put their own music out there for the world to hear. They have supplied us with a string of interesting and innovative songs that keep us guessing where they will go next. Well

off bloom Makes a Golden Track, ‘Golden Dreams’

If there is one thing Danes know, it is how to party. Frenetic energy can be found at dorms, universities, Friday-bars, and housewarmings alike. Copenhagen natives off bloom transforms those frenetic, Danish party vibes into a soundtrack that would suit any occasion (preferably party-related). Nylon says of them, “They sound like a perfect love child between Flume