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Kung Fu Jesus Leads Us To A New Experience

In this new ultra connected world we live in, music is everywhere. Genre boundaries do not exist and music has expanded into all medias. Distance is no longer an issue either. Our most recent discovery Kung Fu Jesus proves all of this in one musical project. Indie Band Guru is based in New York City

Welsh Avenue Debuts The Great Exchange EP

From being a biology major to recording his debut EP, college was a crazy time for singer/songwriter Mark DiLillo. The Austin, Texas based singer records under the name Welsh Avenue and created an interesting hybrid vibe he calls a cross between alternative, electronic, experimental and nu-wave music. The four track EP stirs up a dynamic

Danny Baxley Lets Creativity Flow

As a musician, there are two routes to take. First, you could go along with the status quo and make music that fits inside the tiny little box the mainstream has set up for you. The other option is to create something original that could only have been dreamt up by a truly creative mind.