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Two Cities One World Share Love And Music

In love, we hear that somewhere out there we all have a soulmate.  The same can be held true in music.  If we open our hearts to collaboration, beautiful musical relationships can be formed.  it seems like an amazing connection has been made in both love and music with our recent discovery Two Cities One

The Maxx Keep Soulful Funk Alive

There are tons of musical genres that come and go after having their quick moment in the sun.  The truly classic sounds may not always be at the top of the charts but they will always keep a solid fanbase eager to hear new music in that style.  One such genre is soul funk.  The

The Soul Of John Black Dives Deep Into Your Soul

If we hope for any success, we must all allow ourselves to grow as artists.  Gaining experience is one of the most important parts of any musician’s development.  Playing with other artists allows you to learn and gain influence from a wide variety of styles.  This has proven to be a large part of the