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Dion Lunadon releases fiery self titled LP

Native New Zealander Dion Lunadon has been known since moving to America in 2009. His raucous, energetic rock & roll that he’s been making since the early 90s has brought him to release his debut solo self-titled album Dion Lunadon via Agitated Records. The 11 track album combines Lunadon’s primal punk impulses and garage rock sounds with

NOTS Gives Their Punk Rock a New Cosmetic

Sometimes, I don’t think I understand what punk rock is. That’s probably for good reason — punk can be anything for anyone. Whether it’s expressing an opinion, dealing with a political issue, or just having fun with friends, punk is a scene designed to be all-inclusive (especially if you’re an outcast). NOTS takes advantage of this on

Black Foxxes Set to Impress with Debut Album

I’ll be honest: Black Foxxes may have just released my favorite album of the year (so far). It seems like lately, it’s not often that I come across music that resonates so deeply with me, especially since my job is to sift through music daily. Somehow, though, the UK-based alternative rock band struck a chord with