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Alan Leatherman Tells US All About ‘Her’

As you have probably already learned from Indie Band Guru, we are strong believers that good music is good music, no matter what the genre. When passion and emotion is poured into the songs of an artist it is easily recognized. This is the beauty of music. Our recent discovery Alan Leatherman has the same

Pascal Bokar Brings Us An AfroBlueGrazz Sound

One of the most amazing things about music is that always seems to come full circle. Even with all the advanced technology and studio tricks, the basics of a musical genre will always show their roots. A true student of music, such as our recent discovery Pascal Bokar, will find a way to immerse both

GIA IONESCO – Embarks On A Fantastic Voyage

Romanian/Canadian keyboardist Gia Ionesco is the full bag. He is a virtuoso-level keyboardist, bandleader, teacher, and composer. He creates dense and masterful jazz/rock that is much more listenable than academic and his new release, The Voyage of Uncle Clue, puts a hot live band under his original music and the results will light up a