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Night Drive self-titled sci-fi album

Electronic based synth music that defined the 1980s are making a come back. Night Drive’s self-titled LP perfectly blends together post-punk synth pop in a vintage style only the 80s could master. The Texas based duo found the perfect blend between between the synth centered arrangements across the entire album that combine the enough sci-fi

Stellarscope Takes Us On A Full Sonic Trip

Today there are the pop songs of the mainstream radio that entertain the masses but have no real soul.  In the indie underground, there still exist heartfelt and edgy music that puts all the emotions of the songwriter right in the speakers for everyone to feel.  This is the music that truly resonates with real

Second Still Drop Self Titled Debut EP

Second Still is a three piece band from Los Angeles. With their electronic drum sounds, unconventional guitar lines, and strange vocal melodies that set them apart from traditional categorization. In March 2016, an early version of the EP was released on limited edition cassettes. The four tracks on the tape were recorded in a snowed in