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The Herald Enters A Sea Of Strangers

There will always be a special bond between members of a band. Pouring heart and soul into creating music together creates a brotherhood. Friendship is one thing but this reaches another level. This seem to be the case with our recent find The Herald. The melodic rock band is now based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Energy Alchemist Shows Future with ‘Reminder”

It is not easy to get noticed in the crowded independent music landscape these days. A band must be willing to experiment and create something new. Combining seemingly unrelated genres is a tactic that has been used to create some of the most groundbreaking music in history. The latest band to shake up the system

Greye Is Back To Open The “Windows”

Many fans only see an artist as a lucky individual with some talent. Most will never realize the amount of hard work that goes into becoming a success in the music industry. The passion and drive must be there before a band will ever get well known. A great example of this hard work is