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Ecstatic Union Introduces the ‘Desert Queen’

What do you think of when you think about summer? Toasty weather, beach days, road trips, bare feet, laughs with your best friends? Imagine wrapping up that feeling and throwing it into a song. What would it sound like? Chances are, you are thinking of a sound resembling “Desert Queen”, the new single by Ecstatic

Paperhaus Breaks Contemporary Barriers in New Album

If you’ve never heard of Paperhaus, it’s about time you get your daily dose. They are melancholy. They’re cheerful. They are guitar instrumentals representing moods that can’t be expressed through words. They’re dark, psychedelic rock. They’re political. They are open-minded. They’re intriguing. They are Paperhaus. Paperhaus Hits Hard In a society that many people are

Man Ray Sky Crowdfunding Their Debut Album

Man Ray Sky is a captivating psychedelic rock group blessed with a keen sense of musical spirituality and an almost otherworldly style of self-expression. Though they satirically claim to have been “the first band in space”, these days you can find them occupying the UK indie rock scene. They’ve been working tirelessly, sending mind-bending soundwaves