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Tom Lumley Releases Highly Anticipated Single ‘Just Like The Light’

Up-and-coming Cambridge artist Tom Lumley just released a new single titled “Just Like The Light”. He’s previously wowed his listeners with his debut EP, Dream City, so listeners had high hopes for the single. Fortunately, it’s a great combination of the things people liked about Dream City plus much more. The heavy guitar riffs and rock-based drums combined with soft,

Lakotah Turns Up The Rock On ‘Pesticide’

With the wide variety of musical genres circulating the airwaves nowadays, we get to hear everything. Taking that inspiration and combining different styles is the basis for creating something fresh and original. Our recent discovery Lakotah is perking up lots of ears with her new sound. The Billboard Charting Recording artist is currently based in

Energy Alchemist Shows Future with ‘Reminder”

It is not easy to get noticed in the crowded independent music landscape these days. A band must be willing to experiment and create something new. Combining seemingly unrelated genres is a tactic that has been used to create some of the most groundbreaking music in history. The latest band to shake up the system