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Mark Reitenga Finally Blesses Us With Debut EP

Sometimes it takes a long while to find your own voice in songwriting.  The practice of learning and performing other people’s songs can create the basis for your own original style.  For some it takes longer than others.  It did not happen quickly for Mark Reitenga but it seems he has reached a state of

Motown Revival Is Happening With K Sloan

Born and raised in Detroit, K Sloan was influenced and entranced by soul legends and Motown stars at an early age. These influences are clearly heard on “STAY,” combining classic Motown vibes and features with an unexpected modern twist. “STAY” features a traditional soul rhythm section- Moog synthesizer, organ, bass and drums. The simple bass

The Maxx Keep Soulful Funk Alive

There are tons of musical genres that come and go after having their quick moment in the sun.  The truly classic sounds may not always be at the top of the charts but they will always keep a solid fanbase eager to hear new music in that style.  One such genre is soul funk.  The