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Antonio Dudley Is A Fragmented Soul

The call to music can come at any time. It is a difficult career choice, there is no doubt. But when the passion rises up inside you there is no denying it. We recently discovered Antonio Dudley who discovered his calling and never looked back. The singer and songwriter hails from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Taliwhoah Hits The Right Beat With “Details”

It’s all down to the Details. A stylish pop outlier with Afro-Caribbean soul, R&B swagger, London-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and artist Taliwhoah immediately elicits a reaction any time she sings. That typical response can be found in her very moniker…whoa!   Born in a big artistic family to a British born, Nigerian-Lebanese mom and

IBG Interview Series – 7 Questions With…. Aaron Beri

Recent discovery singer-songwriter Aaron Beri is an intense fellow. Born and raised in England, it was on a rooftop in Manhattan one bitter evening that he discovered his passion for songwriting. The result is a melodic memoir born of experience. His debut album ‘Avalanche’ explores the turbulence of a relationship that is slowly melting away. We