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Cardiknox Release Infectious Single “Fuck With You”

Cardiknox have released their newest single, “Fuck With You.” It’s their first release since their 2016 album, “Portrait,” and it’s proof that they are stronger than ever. Cardiknox, a pop duo of Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton, has earned a reputation from the likes of Vogue and Billboard as producing massive dance-floor hooks and infectious live synergy. Cardiknox have been

Toffe’s Latest Single Paints A Beautiful Picture

In Denmark, and Scandinavia as a whole, the electronic scene is strong. It paradoxically comes across as both fitting for a more general, “mainstream” crowd and a “hipster” crowd. In any case, all crowds find it to be pretty cool. Synthetic, poppy rhythms thus soundtrack everything from university cafes to night outs and many local,