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Toffe’s Latest Single Paints A Beautiful Picture

In Denmark, and Scandinavia as a whole, the electronic scene is strong. It paradoxically comes across as both fitting for a more general, “mainstream” crowd and a “hipster” crowd. In any case, all crowds find it to be pretty cool. Synthetic, poppy rhythms thus soundtrack everything from university cafes to night outs and many local,

Lolahiko’s Unexpectedly Relatable Funeral

“Where did my life go, descending into a hole? I knew that I wouldn’t last long, I was never strong enough…Just don’t cry at my Funeral. I’ve already died it’s a Funeral. What’s the point in crying? I’ve already done the dying.” Pair those lyrics with an otherworldly sound and haunting chorus and Lolahiko’s single,

Saint Marilyn Slows Down Their Sound with Remix

Before even listening to their latest track, I knew I was going to like Saint Marilyn. I’ve mentioned before that mixed gender groups like Oh Wonder, Beach House, Broods, and Matt & Kim are responsible for some of my favorite sounds, and this analog synth pop duo from Brooklyn fits that exact profile. Vocalist and