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Funny How Things Just Worked With Promises LTD’s New EP

In the world of music, situations are ever-changing and moves are always being made. Often times an unlikely grouping of musicians creates something more than the sum of its its parts. Electronic producer/musician Jeremy Malvin, also known as Chrome Sparks, happened to start making things work with Charlie Brand, the songwriter/frontman of pop-rock band Miniature Tigers.

An Endless Summer with Phases by Ohlayindigo

Summer may just be coming to an end…Luckily, there’s there’s no saying we can’t prolong the best season of the year with San-Francisco-based, Norway- and UK-born duo, Ohlayindigo and their breezy 6-track release, Phases. The group, consisting of singer Hanna Ponth and drummer Zak Shrapnell, has presented an version of synthpop so light, it is