The Victory Drive Reinvents With Emo-Dance Sound

Victory Drive

There were many incarnations of my musical passion before IndieBandGuru was a thing. One of my favorite times was booking shows throughout the NY and NJ area. When you have been in the music scene for awhile you come across a lot of band names that start to seem familiar. But today when I came across The Victory Drive, I knew it was more than just a misplaced deja vu.

The music sounded different but after some research, I realized they were the same power pop-punk band that was a part of the same late 2000’s Jersey Shore music scene that I was. It seems the sound has changed some and The Victory Drive is now the solo project but the passion for creating good music is still there.

The reboot is singer-songwriter Jamie McClanahan going at it alone. This newfound creative freedom has led him to dive deeper into his own life to create real emotion. McClanahan says, “Since I no longer have other band members that need to approve of my writing, I am free to choose exactly what I play and write about, which is exhilarating! I’m no longer shy about putting anything in a song, even if it exposes darker truths about myself.”

The new EP by The Victory Drive, Before I Self Destruct is due for release this coming September. The 3 track record brings lush harmonies and big sound with an emotional vibe. On “The Countdown Pt. II” we are greeted with a mellow tone highlighted by Jamie’s soaring vocals. As the 2nd minute of the song kicks in, the energy picks up and we know we are in for an anthem. Lots to listen to here.

The self-reflecting “Dynamite” lets us deep into the psyche of McClanahan. The sonic landscape is filled with sounds as we hear the story of reaching for success but causing your own demise.


The EP takes a hard right turn with The Victory Drive take of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. There is a clash of rock and dance genres resulting in a truly original cover. The lyrics seem personal even when we know they can’t be, can they? This one demands a few listens to take it all in.

The band just launched their summer plans with an appearance at the Jersey Shore Music Festival in Seaside Heights. Come take part in the reinvention of The Victory Drive. Get an advance listen on the BANDCAMP page.