Tom Speight returns with My My My

Tom Speight

Over the last few years, Tom Speight has been gaining a reputation as one of the hardest working musicians on the scene. This has seen him performing live across the UK (which has included support slots for Turin Brakes and Feeder to name a few). Not only that, but he has released multiples EP’s of a high calibre which the reviews he has received can confirm. Now Tom has returned with his new EP My, My, My and let’s see if his impressive streak can continue.

Tom has a formula of creating songs that flow with a genuine emotion which is infectious. This is shared by a delicate intertwining of acoustic guitar and vocals. The way Tom delivers these shows that he puts in his soul when he creates his music and this is all perfectly demonstrated when you listen to his EP in full.

Tom’s voice has always been superb but on this release, he is sounding stronger than ever. He has the gift of adding so much emotion with his tone but at the same time makes it feel so effortless. Each of the songs shows off this talent of his and some include guests vocals from Turin Brakes (My, My, My), Allie Moss (The River) and Lydia Clowes (My, My, My & Old Flame). All of this adds to the beautiful soundtrack which includes some nice work on the guitar and piano.

‘Tom Speight has continued to show that his songwriting talents have one level and that is to a high calibre, My My My shows that’.

One element to his music that has always continued to impress me and continues to get stronger is his way with words. He molds them to create heartfelt stories that will hook you in. No songs demonstrate this more than The River and Old Flame. Both are beautiful to the ears and confirm why Tom Speight is someone that deserves your time.

My, My, My EP confirms that Tom Speight is a musician who continues to push his songwriting but still maintains that honest soul that his fans connect to. Give this release a listen in full from his Spotify page. If your ears appreciate the talent on offer then grab yourself a copy from iTunes or Amazon.

If you want to find out more about Tom or where he’s performing next, then head on over to his social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While you are there, say hello as he likes to connect with his fans.

Tom works hard to spread the word about his music and he appreciates that his fans do the same. So, if you like what you hear then tell the world about Tom Speight today!