Will Snyder Shows Skills On Sexy New Single

Will Snyder

Any musician who has been in the game for a while knows that to succeed you must be willing to adapt.  As technology and innovation improve, an artist must continue to learn and become a master of their craft.  There are places to learn out there.  Seek them out.  Our recent discovery Will Snyder has put everything he has into becoming the best musician he can be.

His obsession with music began the moment he walked through the doors of Idyllwild Arts High School in 2002. At Idyllwild, Will Snyder studied music with the renowned and extremely talented Marshall Hawkins. In 2003, after only eight months of study with Hawkins, Will Snyder won the Sam Karam Music Award.

To advance his knowledge, Will then went on to study at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  After college, Snyder was signed with Marble Mountain Records for his original music, which at the time could be described as an innovative junction of pop, folk, and jazz.  By becoming a big part of the process, Will Snyder picked up music production talent as well to become sought after for his skills.  In October 2014, jazz guitarist and composer Graham Dechter sought his insight as a producer for his record “Takin’ it There,” which became the #1 jazz record spun in the country for two weeks in a row.

Currently, Will Snyder is working on his 3rd solo record.  The lead single “Baby It’s U” was mixed with the help of Will Hensley.  The funky pop song blends many of Snyder’s styles into one complete listen.  The smooth vocal delivery draws in the listener with its intoxicating vibe.  The beat has some party tones to it that add an element of fun.  This is sleek, sexy music that will appeal to many fans through a wide range of pop genres.  

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