Pain or Joy, Denny White’s Traces Shows How Some People Stay With You Forever

Denny White’s first single of 2017, “Traces,” accurately represents how a person feels after an important relationship ends.Whether a connection ends on good or bad terms, the shadow of your loved one replaces a part of yourself.

Coming off the success “Psycho,” White continues his distinctive mix of traditional singer songwriter and modern day producer.

White effectively transitions between melodic guitar riffs in the verse to trilling synthesizers and heavy bass drops in the chorus.

The noticeable change in “Traces” instrumentation perfectly captures the idea of losing part of your identity to someone else.


Traces by Denny White

In a press release White said, “some people leave nasty scars, and others leave meaningful marks. If you’re lucky enough, someone will leave one that changes you for a lifetime.”

Despite having only three singles on his Souncloud, White collaborates with artists such as Tiesto, Martin Garrix and The Fray.

White’s honest and human lyrics combined with DIY contemporary music makes him a name to look out for in 2017.

If you want to know more about Denny White, check out his website, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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