308 Ghost Train ‘Next Stop No Brakes’

Music has a way of coming to people when they need it. This is often in a form of healing sounds or emotional lyrics that can pull the listener from a dark place. On the other side music is known to come to the songwriter to heal them and empower them to share the sound with the world to create a better place. Our friends from 308 Ghost Train are back to continue this mission with a brand new EP Next Stop No Brakes.

Based in Cortez, Florida, the current lineup of 308 Ghost Train is Anthony (Train) Caruso, Nate Kintner, Dave Taylor, and Angel Soto. Together they produce a classic rock sound with a message. The music is full of energy while also being uplifting. The band has seen the current rock scene descend into a style over substance motive and they are here to change that. The 308 Ghost Train is here to take anyone who wants a ride to this higher place. 

For the upcoming EP Next Stop No Brakes by 308 Ghost Train continues this rapid pace of releasing real rock music. We were able to get an advance listen of what is to come.

As the EP opens with “Little Miss Misunderstood” we know right away that the energy will be turned up as we dive in. The bouncy beat punctuated with a grooving bassline will get the blood flowing. A strong guitar solo shows more talent throughout the band. The power keeps rising with “Chaos.” The vocal delivery by Anthony Caruso is the star of the show. Emotional and energetic. The stop and go backbeat gives a feeling of real strength that is being held in check. 

“If I Had To Live Without You” slows down the sound a little but turns up the emotion. We get lost in the lyrics that seem to come from a personal place. There is real love here that the protagonist hopes to hold on to tightly. The instrumentation creates a smooth backdrop to not steal the thunder. We stay in this mellower place with “My Love’s Lost.” The laid back acoustic track pours out more romantic emotion as 308 Ghost train shows the depth and variety of their songwriting. 

The raw rock energy returns for the closer “Snake Eyes” with its almost punk rock flair. Pounding drums push the track forward while traces of 60’s rock creep in as well. This one covers it all. The message is there for all to absorb.

Looks like the train is not close to stopping. Keep an ear out for more from 308 Ghost Train on their WEBSITE.

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