Sour Bruthers Will Make You ‘Cry No More’

The bands that make the biggest impact are the ones willing to expand their genre. Experimentation and growth is what will set a band apart. Our recent discovery The Sour Bruthers seems to be doing just that with their newest release “Cry No More.”

The group based in Chicago, Illinois is made up of Tim Sour on vocals/guitar, Bill Sour on vocals/bass, Mikey A on second guitar/vocals, and drummer Tony Lunni. Together they are characterized as an Americana band but add a unique style of Rock and Country to make it their own Sour Bruthers sound. Their chemistry is undeniable as the music hits fans of all these genres and welcomes them all in to be part of the tribe. The mix can hit radio even within the pop rock genre with their catchy songs.

The newest single “Cry No More” by Sour Bruthers takes them to the next level with something that jumps out from the speakers. As the vocals come in right from the start of the track you can feel the emotion that the band is willing to share. As the energy kicks in the catchy beat grabs the listener. A country-tinged sound along with a full rock guitar solo show that Sour Bruthers are able to successfully blend whatever genres they see fit.

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I M U R Is An Official Member Of The “Sad Girls Club”

Vancouver based genre-bending music trio I M U R recently released their single “Sad Girls Club.” Their genre is hard to describe, which is absolutely a good thing. The song has moody lyrics and trippy breakdowns wrapped up in catchy dreamy beat that keeps you hooked. The group is described as a mix of pop, electro-pop and R&B with their own twist. Their third album My Molecules is coming out June 25th. I think it’ll be the perfect anthem for the summer, especially with adjusting to the changes we’ve gone through with COVID-19. The accompanying music video is aesthetically pleasing filled with red neon lights, skate parks, arcades, and the lead singer ironing her own head all presented in a dream-like state.

I M U R’s singer and songwriter, Jenny Lea, describes the single, saying, “Sad Girls Club is about the trickery our subconscious mind plays on us when we’re feeling low. It’s about Self-deprecation, unworthiness, and being burdensome.” Producer and multi-instrumentalist Amine Bouzaher adds, “Ironically, a lot of negative thoughts combined to create an epic, dark banger, and we were able to pour all of those feelings into the production of the track. It’s always amazing to see what incredible art and positivity can come from channeling negative thoughts and feelings.” Producer/guitarist Mikey J Blige encapsulates the overall vibe and says, “It’s ok at any age to feel like an emo kid that loves pop music AND trap music.”

Watch the official music video for “Sad Girls Club”

“Sad Girls Club” was inspired by the first month of quarantine. Like many of us, Jenny found it difficult to distract herself with everyday life and her inner demons began to surface. She said “Sad Girls Club was my break-through from the block, but also by expressing my fears in a tangible way, it helped to pull me out of the mud.” Many creatives found it difficult to be inspired during COVID, and you can really get a feel for her frustration in the song.

Just by listening to the first few seconds of the song, I was instantly hooked. It’s a song I could see myself listening to after I finally get to have a night out with my friends (hopefully) this summer. It’s fun definitely has an emotional undertone, it fits well between the fun of going out to the club and the low you get once you’re home all alone. The music video was one of the best I’ve seen recently. The visuals were all so different but flowed well together. I’m going to have this song on repeat for awhile, and I can’t wait for the rest of the album to drop.

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Gazi is Officially ‘On The Verge’

As the tools for creating music become more and more accessible the line between Artist and Producer has faded away. Now a songwriter can take a song idea from a melody in his head to a fully produced product ready for release to the world. Our recent discovery Gazi seems to be a great example to the new artist/producer in one.

Taking the time to learn all the tools himself, Gazi records everything himself. Guitars, synths, drums, bass, vocals; he does it all. Then after the song is recorded, he dives in and provides the production talent to mix the tracks into a complete product. Gazi describes himself as a conductor of musical currents that are sure to electrify you to your core. 

The latest release by Gazi is groove-heavy “On The Verge.” The song is designed to replicate that moment when something like a rocketship breaks through the atmosphere. Almost like you’re being blasted off to space through sound. Interesting guitar effects open up the track to lead us into that spacy feeling. The vocals come in with effects as well to further the sonic atmosphere. A beat keeps the flow going as innovative sounds seem to come in from every angle. The 3-minute track takes the listener on quite an interesting journey and leaves them wanting more.

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Trish Discord Is Finding Peace In The ‘Strife’

New Single Coming from Trish Discord on May 21st

 Music has always been the perfect medium for sharing political and social believes across boundaries. It is perhaps the most accessible art form that has proven itself invaluable in every age. This is especially true now, when societal divisions have come to the forefront of our everyday lives in an acute way.

Music is more important than ever. Trish Discord is an artist who understands this. She uses her style to comment on the current political situation with ease and grace. Not only does her new single “Strife” deliver a message, it knows exactly what it has to say and says it to an exciting melody.

Presave the single “Strife” HERE.

Discord’s sound is entirely her own, with the unique mix of electronica, alternative rock, and indie. Fans of artists like Florence + the Machine and Halsey are likely to find something comparable in “Strife.” The track could not be timelier. It was influenced by the artist’s own time in England during the Brexit vote and by her returning to the United States following Trump’s election.

A New Political Anthem

Being in both environments that were, and are, dominated by such intense conflict is reflected in the electronic sound. It adds a raw power to the sound. This strength is matched by the smoothness of the alternative rock. “Strife” sounds brilliant, and Discord is able to lay out her ideas in a sophisticated, thought-provoking manner.

Yet, the track is not exceptionally difficult to listen to. This may have been accomplished by the sense of hope that the artist is inexplicably able to provide. Despite all of the issues that Discord brings forth in her tune, she is also able to assure us that there is hope for our future. However, she reminds us that making a better tomorrow is up to us.

“Strife” has the potential to be the next anthem of our generation, and you will not want to miss out on it. “Strife,” by Trish Discord, is currently available to listen to and stream.

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Little Wretches Are A Bunch of “Undesirables and Anarchists”

The Little Wretches, co-founded by two brothers Robert Andrew and Charles John Wagner, is a folk/punk band with its new album called “Undesirables and Anarchists.” The album consists of 12 hit songs that can enlighten the mood for any folk/punk music lover. Songs like “Silence”, “Who is America”, and “Running” have rich harmonics, and the message is straight-on. For the first time, listening to this album has been breathtaking for me as a music lover because the band was able to articulate life facts together with current situations in the world today and come out with a vibrant welcome piece. “Why not write a review about this album?” I told myself.

Since Robert and Charles founded Little Wretches, Robert always wrote original songs and adapted traditional folk songs. He tried to sing and accompanied himself on guitar while Charles worked out counterpoint melodies on violin. Chuckie (Charles) and Bob (Robert) were joined by former members of No Shelter, Ed Heidel on bass guitar and John Creighton on flute, percussion, and background vocals. Religious missionary Chris Bruckhoff was attracted to the group because many of the songs seemed to have spiritual content.

He believed he could recruit the members of The Little Wretches into his church by infiltrating the band. Like John Creighton, Chris sang background vocals and played various percussion and wind instruments. Bob Goetz played electric guitar and did some singing. Deena Alansky took pictures, tried to book gigs, and pasted posters all over town. The original line-up of The Little Wretches debuted at The New Group Theater (founded by Martin Giles in the spirit of the legendary progressive theater company, The Group Theater) along with the godfathers of the Pittsburgh hard-core scene, The Five. The earliest version of The Little Wretches came to an end with the sudden death of John Creighton. John never considered himself an actual member of The Little Wretches. Still, he was so much a part of the group’s sound and persona that his loss was devastating.

The Little Wretches Bring Us ‘Undesirables and Anarchists

For the first time on 14th June 2020 on Apple Music, the album surfaced, with most of the songs written by lead singer Robert Andrew Wagner. Robert has always boasted in his writing and has said that “My songs are mirrors.” He also adds to it by often beginning or ending his performances with a version of The Velvet Underground’s “I’ll be your Mirror.” The performance usually extends to more than ten minutes of images that shaped him as a young man.The songs of the album reflect so much on the current situation in America and the world at large. “Poison,” the second track on the album, talks about how we mean to always be woke in our everyday lives and to consider everything we do.

Whereas “Who is America” will teach you about everything that transpires in 21st century America through the eyes of funk artists. The album is a must-listen, and you should watch out for other songs like; Silence, twist the knife, I instead would go, Don’t you ever mention my name, All of my friends, and The Ballad of Jonny Blowtorch. To grab yourself a copy of this album from digital platforms, click on the links below:


-review by Michael Stover

Interview Review

MapleWaves Let Us In With ‘Empaths’

As an artist, you should always be looking to expand on your genre and add your own unique touch that sets your music apart. If you are not growing, you are stagnating, and your music will get boring to listeners. Our recent find The Maplewaves will not let themselves fall into that trap as they continually evolve and grow their sound.

The band currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was originally formed back in 2010 in Virginia. Original members Logan Stamm and Nathan Ritz have been through several band member incarnations and are currently supported by the drumming talents of Harry Scarrott. Together they provide a psych-rock sound that is brought to the next level with an emphasis on lyrical songwriting. 

Their newest single “Empaths,” ties it all together with a mellow relaxing atmosphere supported by emotional lyrics. This has a way of drawing the listener in. The echoing guitar effect adds a warm and cozy vibe that puts us in a place of comfort. Here we can sit back and take in the passion of the band. There is a lot here that demands multiple listens.

The Maplewaves say the song “is dedicated to musicians who play for the love of their craft. It is also about how no matter your age, skin color, or the stage of life you are in, no one can deter you from pursuing and improving your lifelong craft.” Let them be your guide to creating the best music that you have inside of you.

We had a chance to chat with The Maplewaves to get even deeper into their sound. Enjoy the interview here:

How would you describe the band’s sound?
 – While irresistibly inciting and strangely serious, The Maplewaves represent a little bit of everything, shaken up with a good time.
Which artists have had the biggest influence on Maplewaves?
As a group, we pull from all genres from our individual walks of life, but predominantly, right now as a band, Toro Y Moi, Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, Foals, Beach Boys, and Washed Out have played a serious role in developing our music it’s truest form.
Your newest single “Empaths” seems to have some real meaning behind it. What can you tell us about it?
 – Empaths is a reflection on the motivations of the artist’s pursuit. As a song, it’s purpose is to encourage creatives to never put an end date on their exploration of art, learning or or even the exploration of the soul.
Give us a look at the future of Maplewaves.
 – With more shows to come and a new album under our belt, we hope to hone our process of songwriting and recording to its fullest extent

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Get Back To The Club With ‘Head Fake Vs. Dub Fu Masters’

With the last year eliminating live concerts and the camaraderie of the crowded club atmosphere, something huge has been missing. That experience can never fully be replaced but our friends from Head Fake have joined forces with Dub Fu Masters for a collaborative EP that hopes to provide some of that live club vibe.

The inspiration behind this project was to make club versions of some previously released tracks that could turn up the energy at home. Dub Fu Masters quickly joined in on the sonic vision of Head Fake and wants the album’s upbeat sound to allow listeners to feel similar emotions as they would in a club setting. 

The 3 song Head Fake Vs. Dub Fu Masters EP opens up with “One Step.” The 80s influenced melody gets the club treatment with a trance-inducing beat that lulls the listener into a relaxed place before some wicked power chords come in to add the rock to the track. Best of both worlds.

There is a more psych-rock feel to “Trump Funk” as some hazy beats get introduced. Some more exotic flows keep the listener guessing where this one will go next. Good luck not moving along to the sound. “Overjoyed” keeps the energy going with more interesting sounds. Here we get some upbeat lyrics as well to give us all hope to return to the club floor soon. The dance vibe and positivity continue.

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Nick Cove & The Wandering About To Break With ‘Glass Houses’

We all have our own personal musical influences that shaped us and made us who we are today. As an artist, we take those early favorites and build our own sound using pieces of the past and blend in our own unique style of what is next. Recent discovery Nick Cove & The Wandering has done just that to create something fresh but with a real flavor of the past.

Rooted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the band intertwines the careful finesse of the singer-songwriter genre and Nick Cove’s deep roots in 90’s era grunge. In addition to Nick handling guitar and vocal duties, Nick Cove & The Wandering is keyboardist Joe Mancinelli, bassist John Halfpenny, and drummer Trevor Kiscadden. Together they create a sound that morphs multiple genres into something truly fetching.

Last month Nick Cove & The Wandering released latest single “Glass Houses” along with an impressive music video. There is a dark thread that runs through the track as Nick’s elegant vocals drip emotion through the verses. A steady beat is laid down from the start that keeps building to a full crescendo of sound. The grunge influence can be felt heavily on the chorus as the energy turns up with some angst as well. The video adds in sharing the story as a loop delves into madness.

We had the chance to chat with Nick Cove to get even deeper into the band and the single:

How would you describe the sound of Nick Cove & The Wandering?

The sound of Nick Cove & The Wandering is heavily influenced by my love for grunge and the 90s alt music, but there is a good dose of prog rock and the singer songwriter style of indie rock. All of the players in the band have a diverse spread of musical influences that truely add depth to the music. We are also a very musically dynamic band. Each song is a little adventure just waiting to be explored.

There is some real emotion felt in “Glass Houses.” What can you tell us about the meaning behind the song? 

“Glass Houses” is about doing the same thing over and over again and not understanding why there is no change to the cycle. This can obviously be related to toxic relationships, bad jobs, etc… I feel like everyone has known this feeling in some way shape or form and then finally found a way to break the cycle. 

The accompanying music video looks like quite the undertaking as well. Tell us about putting that together? (and the story being told?)

The music video for “Glass Houses” was unlike anything myself, the band, or the director had attempted before. We borrowed the loop concept from a video game trailer/demo that came out a handful of years ago called “PT”, but it never became anything more than that. The player would start at spot A follow and path to spot B and then end up back at spot A, but with each consecutive loop, that story that was being told would unfold around you.

So, we took that concept and made it our own. In the peripherals of the music video, you can see a younger couple, an older couple, a small group of friends, and obviously the band. Loops one and two end up being near identical, but after that, the story presents itself. 

The story is about one person in the younger couple becoming terminally ill and how that journey affects those around them (i.e. their friends and family). There are a lot of subtle things that change throughout the video from the number of place settings at the table to the clothing color choices. Lots of extremely fine details. The director, John Decker, and I had to figure out how we could break up the song to make sense with the start of each loop and then figure how to tell the story we wanted to tell in these small time frames. There were A LOT of practical details we had to figure out on the front end before we could even start thinking of filming.

What is next on the horizon for Nick Cove & The Wandering?

We have some new music in the pipeline that will be coming out this year and we are also discussing new video ideas and also weighing the option of playing some shows this year depending on how safe everyone feels doing that. We’ll be busy nonetheless!

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