A Cover Of A Classic, “Strangers In The Night”

Richard Snyder, known as Richy Snyder, has created a cover version of “Strangers In The Night,” originally made famous by Frank Sinatra, reaching Billboard’s number-one hit song in 1966. Richy Snyder, an artist inspired by Golden Era classics, Jazz, and his father, who co-wrote lyrics on “Strangers In The Night,” is most well known for his lyrical writing. Having written songs for artists such as Tony Orlando and Barbra Streisand, along with many other prominent artists in the industry, he has made a living playing and performing gigs and shows worldwide. In more recent times, Richy moved to Nashville, where he spent time playing music with Beegee Adair, a jazz pianist. With her, he has produced covers of songs from the Golden Era of Music, more specifically “Strangers In The Night.”

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It is challenging to do a song that is already so well known and create a version that listeners will still care about. However, Richy picked and chose the most iconic parts of the original song and incorporated them into his cover of the classic piece. “Strangers In the Night,” sung by Richy Snyder, takes the foundation of the original song but uses his expertise to create a simplified version and focuses on the piano, which Beegee Adair plays. Richy’s vocals are rich and full of heartwrenching emotions as he sings about falling in love with the perfect partner. The song revolves around a newer pop/soulful sound with a slower tempo which also allows the music to move and connect to the romantic lyrics fluidly.

Richy Snyder took what was already a beautiful song and enhanced it with his expertise and uniqueness. Knowing that there is a personal connection to Richy with the lyrics being co-written by his father adds another level of appreciation to this wonderfully constructed cover of “Strangers In The Night.”

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