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At Indie Band Guru we will always be big supporters of everything underground and independent striving for success without the need for mainstream coverage.  The people in these area are willing to push even harder and do not expect anyone else to do all the hard work for them.  Where music and an indie spirit collide it interests us even more. Remember the American Basketball Association?  Well, they are back with some strong momentum and goodwill on their side including some quality music.

The history of the American Basketball Association is almost as colorful as the iconic red, white and blue ball which represents it.  The original ABA was formed in 1967 and lasted 10 seasons prior to merging four of its teams into the NBA.  

The original ABA did not have national television, national radio, and today’s digital media. What it did have was the mystique of the ABA- featuring 3 point shots, a wide open style of play including slam dunks (and the introduction of the first Slam Dunk Competition).  The ABA produced some of the greatest players of the 20th century including Dr J, George Gervin, Spencer Haywood, Connie Hawkins, Dan Issel, Roger Brown, David Thompson, Mel Daniels, Moses Malone, Marvin Barnes and many others. In fact, 50% of the NBA All-Star team in the first year after the merger were ABA players.

Dick Tinkham and Joe Newman decided to bring back the American Basketball Association in 1999, after the original ABA had been dormant for nearly 30 years.  They kept the exciting rules and style of play, and the result is that the ABA is now one of the largest professional sports leagues in the US, with over 100 teams competing for the Championship this season.

To strengthen the underground allure the ABA recently released The American Basketball Association (ABA) Hard In The Paint mixtape featuring Cee Lo Green, Dub P, Bishop the Weardough (Shairoglyphics Records), SWAGU, Mojak, Big Brez, Chuck Israel, COBB Mob, Rasstar The Lion & more.  The Executive Producer duties of the record taken on by Ricardo “RIC-A-SHA” Stuvaints.  

Right from the opener “Rock On” by Chuck Israel the energy of the league can be felt.  There is some sexy swagger provided on “Love & Hip Hop” by Tjuan Benafactor who is the CEO of the ABA’s Media & Entertainment division. Tjuan is also part owner of the Twin City Jazz and a new team, the LA Palms as a partner with members of legendary R&B group Shai.  Music and Basketball are mixing well in the ABA.  Throughout the 17 track mixtape we get to enjoy various styles from the Reggae groove of Rasstar The Lion on “Wondering” to female fronted alt-rock of Allison Geddie on “30,000 Days”.  

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