Action/Adventure’s “Barricades” is Breaking Down Walls

‘Barricades’ is a new pop-punk tune from the band Action/Adventure, which addresses the racism and under-representation of the genre.

The newest track “Barricades”, by Action/Adventure is perhaps the timeliest pop-punk tune currently on the market. Not only is the band actively working to break new ground in the genre, but they also sound incredible while doing it. 

Pop-punk took a very distinctive turn in the early 2000s. This period transformed it into one of the most innovative musical styles out there. Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day were just some of the young artists who assisted in giving a voice to countless people who, previously, felt unheard. Pop-punk is a genre all about musical catharsis through powerful vocals and instrumentation. 

However, despite pop-punk’s rebellious status, it has consistently been dominated by white artists. Despite its wide-reaching popularity, it does represent its listeners. Action/Adventure is the kind of band that is breaking this mold. 

A New Pop-Punk Tune : “Barricades”

Barricades is a song about the struggles that the band members have faced while operating in the pop-punk genre. In their accompanying music video, the musicians hold up signs which represent some of the prejudiced comments that they have been forced to contend with.

“You don’t look the way you sound.” 
“I’m surprised you guys were that good.” 
“You sound so white.”

Barricades does not shy away from the ugly reality that racism runs rampant in the world of pop-punk. Instead, the song is about getting the issue out in the open where it can be addressed. It has also become clear that the band resonates significantly with listeners. Many feel as though they finally have a sense of representation in their favorite genre. 

Not only does this band discuss a subject which the music scene has consistently shied away from, but their sound is phenomenal. The powerful combination of instruments and vocal intensity makes this tune one of the most exciting things to come on the pop-punk scene in years. 

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