Aditya Manggala Shares “Ms. Reality”

Native Indonesian artist Aditya Manggala is making every single count. His first single “Big Fake Smile” showed that he has talent, but his latest single “Ms. Reality” showcases just how much talent he has. Aditya has put his own spin on indie-rock, and this new release is sure to please fans of the genre.

Aditya has managed to craft a sound that highlights his diverse taste in music. As a fan of bands like Rex Orange County, Boy Pablo, and Green Day, Aditya has blended genres to make his indie-pop sound truly one of a kind.

“Ms.Reality” lays everything on the line for Aditya. Conveying his emotions sonically about his real life experiences, this latest single takes listeners on a journey. He wrote this single with the dynamics between men and women in mind. The result is a song that tackles profound joy, hurt, disappointment, and confusion.

Listen to “Ms. Reality” below

Fans of indie-rock, pop, and alternative music will be immediately attracted to the sound that Aditya has crafted for “Ms. Reality.” Backing instrumentals are indie-pop tried and true, and you’ll find yourself bopping along to them before you know it. This track is very reminiscent of songs in the 2014 Citizen and Tigers Jaw era, and something about that brings me immediate joy.

“Ms. Reality” is only the second single from Aditya Manggala, but it’s clear that his talents are immense and his future is bright. This song showcases a maturity in sound and context that you don’t often see from rookie releases. There’s only up to go from here, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this young artist.

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