Akira the Don Releases ‘Goldtron’

Akira The Don strikes gold with his latest album, Goldtron. This Hollywood-based DJ is bringing original mixing and sampling into his music and delivers in an organic style. Akira The Don currently has a residency at Los Angeles hot spot Blind Dragon and has performed for names like The Weeknd and super model Alessandra Ambrosia. Akira The Don has also worked alongside Justin Beiber and Dj Khaled.

Akira The Don Bringing Popular Sounds to the Masses

Goldtron’s tracks are lyric-less beats created from the mastermind of this colorful DJ. Not only does he play for household names, he produces music, and plays with blogging and other artistic mediums. He is not a one man band, he is one man company.

The entire album carries a relaxing theme. With current EDM, sometimes you get lost in the voices of the singer. In this album, your gratitude for soft electronic beats and electric ambiance comes back to life. “Rhos on Sea” brings the bass, heavy at the end, but weaves majestic piano samples through this liquid track. A necessary track for poolside vibes. The first track, “BAMF,” has the familiar sound of many popular EDM songs heard before, but as the album continues Akira The Don’s individual style erupts into the speakers.

This DJ is already established in the industry, so it makes you wonder if his songs sound like already released tracks by other DJs or if other DJs were influenced by this privately popular DJ.

Sit Back and Relax

Goldtron is an album to keep on your playlist when you forget the intricacies of mixing music. This album and it’s tracks bring you back to the beginning of house and techno with new school mixing tendencies and trance vibes. Although I think it’s a little too mellow to put on at your party, Goldtron brings happy relaxing vibes in each created beat.

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