ALEX GENADINIK Reminds You To “Keep Your Heart Open”

Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Alex Genadinik brings us some plain-spoken, emotional truth on his latest track “Keep Your Heart Open.”

Alex Genadinik is a talented player, creator, and interpreter of enchanting, beautiful music that touches his listeners’ lives in a personal way. This time out, he delivers his version of Russian poet and songwriter Bulat Okudzhava’s 1959 song “Keep Your Heart Open.” It was originally called “Open Door.” Genadinik puts his unique style on this old-school gem and its message of love. The song is a caution to not let the worries and difficulties of life shut you down, close your heart, and prevent you from ever being happy. 

The arrangement starts with just Alex’s voice and delicately-picked classical guitar. It’s a gorgeous, atmospheric musical moment that lets you focus on the wisdom of the lyrics. Genadinik is a top-shelf singer and he intuitively knows how to approach a track like this. The song builds up and gets more rhythmic as it develops, bringing in bass and drum parts that boost and support his performance. Nothing, however, gets in the path of the song’s message or its way of communicating it. 

Genadinik absolutely has a gift for this type of music. Don’t mistake his gentleness for weakness, though. That would be a bad move. This is a piece of great personal power. Nothing is harder than living with an open heart after going through intense pain and loss. Alex shows us that the proper way forward is to risk it all yet again and live as fully as we can. The world needs this tune right now. Hopefully, Genadinik can bring some real healing to his listeners with this release. Once you hear it, you will definitely be ready to see what he does next. Highly recommended. 

Find out more about Alex Genadinik HERE.

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