You Won’t Have “Amnesia” After Listening To Aaron Taos

One topic that is relatable in everyone’s life is breakups. While every relationship is different, a common aftermath is one person left standing in the dust while the other is moving on like they’re trying to win a race. Of course this leaves the person in the dust trapped in a whirlpool of emotion. This is the overall theme of indie pop artist Aaron Taos’ newest single “Amnesia” (feat. Saiah) off his deluxe album Birthday Boy (Party Favors).  

Aaron Taos is an indie pop artist born in New Haven and is now based out of LA. He opened for King Princess on their summer tour in 2018. His hit song “Control” was featured in the soundtrack for NBA 2K20, and went viral on TikTok. 

In Taos’ words, “Amnesia” is “a fast past lil bopper about unrequited love—a story of a breakup situation where your ex is moving on just a little too easily. Then of course, instead of just taking the L in stride, your indignant pride gets in the way to justify it.”

Listen to “Amnesia” below

Variance Magazine, who premiered  “Amnesia” said that “…despite the very breezy melody, the Saiah collaboration is inspired by heartache, as Taos navigates the very relatable aftermath of a relationship gone wrong.”

After listening to this song a few times, I can say that this is definitely a song you can turn up to max and sing at the top of your lungs in your bedroom or car after a breakup (great places for breakup venting). It is super relatable to anyone who like Taos and myself, have been that person left in the dust watching their ex move on at practically the speed of light. 

“Amnesia” is one of 18 tracks that you can find on Aaron Taos’ Birthday Boy (Party Favors). If you’re a fan of Tame Impala or The Arctic Monkeys, then you will really enjoy this song and this album.

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1. Birthday Blues

2. Denial (featuring Tedy Brewski)

3. Control

4. Communication

5. Dazed & Amused

6. Where I Belong (featuring Lord Felix)

7. Is It Anything? (featuring Khary)

8. Take It Easy

9. My Girl

10. Loneliness

11. Amnesia (featuring Saiah)

12. Summer’s Gone (featuring Alice Gray)

13. Control (Remix) [featuring Lonely God & Huron John]

14. Loneliness (Remix) [featuring spill tab]

5. Bloom (Remix) [featuring eli. & Hojean]

16. Dazed & Amused (Tim Atlas Remix)

17. Is It Anything? (Pink Skies Remix) [featuring Khary & Pink Skies]

18. Control (Stripped)

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