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And Then You Die – Mysterious Finnish Industrial Band

There are plenty of bands out there that make music but will not put in the promotion work to get that music heard.  Some may say it is to remain mysterious.  If this is the strategy the music will have to be extraordinary.  Lucky for our recent discovery And Then You Die, it is pretty close.

After some digging around the internet, there was a tiny bit of information we could find on the band to share.  Hailing from Vaasa on the west coast of Finland, AND THEN YOU DIE have been around since 1990.  They have been referred to as Finland’s best kept secret and are doing a good job of keeping it that way.  There is no Facebook page or Twitter feed to be found on them.  Being even more elusive, And Then You Die has given only 3 interviews in their 25-year career.  According to them “there is nothing to be said that has not been said before”.  



Now on Skithund Records, And Then You Die is getting ready to release a new long play album set to release in late 2016.  The lead single “The Tide” has hit our desk with an interesting music video.  It leads you down a dark journey with the help of experimental industrial sounds.  The hi-definition imagery matches the tone of the track quite well.  The rises and falls of the energy in the music will keep the attention of the listener throughout the 5 minute song.  The mystery of And The You Die is only advanced by this one.  

You can keep up with the upcoming album and more great Finnish bands at:

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