Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice Find ‘Potatoes On Mars’

Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice’s latest album Potatoes On Mars has a scale as big as the universe. This concept album sonically imagines concepts such as space, time, and the expansion of humanity. Forming around a unique voice and an idea to explore the universe and our deepest dreams through music.

The album begins with “Keep On Searching”, an introduction to the ideas found within this project. This is an introspective rock opera defined by the philosopher Karl Popper’s principle of falsification. Introducing the dramatic vocal flourishes and varied sonic textures that define this album, this song paves a path to the slower ballad of “Song Of Nothing”.

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Another standout track is the stellar “Jupiter And The Galilean Moons”. This song is nearly a ten minute long adventure. An orchestral suite sets the stage, with various movements representing the moons of Jupiter and paying homage to the astronomer Galileo. Building up to liftoff with all the drama of a science fiction epic, this track gets to soaring heights.

Observe the title track to see how Andre Pizzo And The Purple Mice create their space odyssey through the use of familiar genres. “Potatoes On Mars” is a country track that has been terraformed to the band’s cosmic whims.

The Song “Pale Blue Dot” is another example of the interesting blend of styles found on this project. This is a prog folk song that build up and develops like the view of humanity it invokes. Inspired by images from the Voyager 1 probe this song leads tonally into “Goldilocks Zone”, a slower ballad about the confinement of habitable zones of characters in far off planets.

Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice are without a doubt a band that is looking toward the future. The band has a great sound and concept on this project, if you liked Potatoes On Mars, keep up with the band to stay updated.

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