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Aspiring musicians will learn epic recording and mixing skills from an industry pro

Any working musician must always be striving to learn more if they wish to provide themselves with a sustainable career.  Whether it be on playing their instrument, marketing their music, or learning to record your own album.  There are some great opportunities to learn all this if you are willing to pay attention and listen.  Here is a perfect example:

creativeLIVE ( is thrilled to partner with rocker Andrew Wade who engineered albums for bands from A Day To Remember to The Ghost Inside for a free, live class on recording guitars. creativeLIVE, an online education network, launched an audio channel in August 2013 and has already produced workshops with Incubus manager Steve Rennie, EDM DJ Big Chocolate, and engineer/producer Eyal Levi.

Andrew Wade’s workshop, streaming live October 22-23 9AM — 4PM PT, is the first creativeLIVE workshop focused solely on guitar production. The full creativeLIVE course description ( ) is below:

A great guitar sound is the centerpiece of modern rock, metal, pop-punk, and metalcore. Join producer Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, The Ghost Inside, The Word Alive, etc) for an intensive look into the rock guitar techniques every producer and engineer needs to know.

In this two-day course, Andrew will teach you everything you need to know about creating huge, thick guitar tones. You’ll learn how to prep and setup, and develop best practices for tracking guitars. He’ll cover both real amp and amp sims, mixing in your DAW, and more.

Whether you’re recording tracks at home or in a professional studio, this course will give you concrete, easy-to-apply techniques for taking your guitar sounds to the next level.

Andrew has worked on many bands, including The Ghost Inside, Motionless In White, the Word Alive, Our Last Night to name a few, and most recently he served as an engineer, producer, and songwriter on A Day To Remember’s Common Courtesy.

To enroll and learn epic digital guitar production skills in just two days, click here: (

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