Andy Cooper Layers Multiple Music Genres In New LP ‘The Layered Effect’

Andy Cooper combines multiple music genres to create “The Layered Effect” LP, set to release on January 26. This will be his second solo LP, after releasing eight 7″ singles and an EP on his own. Cooper’s aim of keeping rap “fresh, exciting, and competitive” is perfectly portrayed through the new LP. He’s uniquely combined jazz with rap to create one-of-a-kind, easy-listening tracks.

Andy Cooper Thinking of Older Days…

Taking it back to the funky days of early hip hop, Cooper also loves to pay hommage to those classic days. He’s “dedicated to the creation of exciting, new music inspired by the legacy of timeless, old music” as his musical inspiration comes from what he listened to growing up. Growing up in Long Beach, CA, he was raised on eclectic music including soul, jazz, classic hop-hop, rock, and bluegrass. Consequently, Cooper is a lover of all types of music genres and eras. Some of Coopers favorite artists are James Brown, Ramsey Lewis, Duran Duran, and The Kinks.

Cooper’s passion for music led to the hip-hop trio Ugly Duckling, where he, Dizzy Dustin, and Young Einstein created memorable tunes for 20 years. After that, Cooper took part in the hip-hop/rap group The Allergies. While with Ugly Duckling, Cooper worked as a co-producer and vocalist, helping the group create six albums and traveling the world. He loves the background parts of the music, and plans to continue writing and producing songs for various other artists he can learn from.

… and Dreaming of a Popular Song

His ultimate dream is to contribute to a popular song in some way, so he’s doing all he can to get there. He began writing and recording for artists like Japan’s M-Flo and Jamaica’s Ginja. He also created many theme tracks for Rough-Cut TV in Great Britain.

Alternatively, Cooper wrote 16 tracks for Recorded In Hollywood, a musical about the famous L.A. record shop Dolphin’s of Hollywood, which debuted in 2015. While Cooper was involved in all of this, he was still working on his own music. In any free time he had, he was working on his first solo project, The Free EP. Cooper not only produces the album, but he raps and DJ’s as well.

Andy Cooper is constantly writing new music and working on multiple projects for himself and others. Keep an eye out for January 26, when “The Layered Effect” comes out.

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