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Angus Crowne and The Family Jewels Share Uke-Billy-Punk

The entertainment industry has many different pieces for many different types of artists to find work.  A creative individual can find his place.  The lure of being an independent artist is strong though.  Even after success in other areas, many people still yearn for a chance to share their musical talent on their own.  The life of Angus Crowne is a great example of always pushing for more on your own terms.

A true modern day Renaissance man, Angus Crowne’s restless creative spirit has driven a crazy cool, multi-faceted career that includes work as an author, screenwriter, playwright, theatrical producer, concert producer (Boy George, Queen), ran two prominent Los Angeles clubs, founder of the vaudeville inspired Seedling Acting Company in Rhode Island and performing in over 500 theatrical shows across the country. When Angus reached his 40s, he realized there were a few missing links on his resume: artist and musician.

With his wide diversity of experience, Angus Crowne aimed to do something different.  He went out to form Angus Crowne and the Family Jewels with truly talented musicians in his circle.  In came renowned Sicilian born, L.A. based guitarist Andrea Balestra and veteran drummer Alejandra Arellano (who was born in Mexico City and studied tabla in India).  Together they combine elements of many styles to create a hybrid so infectious and unique that it requires its own label: Uke-Billy Punk.

Now the group is ready to release their self-titled full-length debut album.  The 10 track record brings something truly original to the table.  The raw “Cold Soup” brings in that rockabilly twang that Angus Crowne wants to share.  He opens up in the lyrics proving that his eyes are open and he will say what he wants.  There is an interesting funky feel to “Lounge Dog” with its guitar plucking style showing off  the amazing talents of Balestra.  



If you really want to see someone that is unafraid to speak his mind, enjoy “Man Bun”.  Angus Crowne and The Family Jewels tackle the strange trend in a not so friendly way.  The lyrics will make you laugh out loud as you relax to the bouncy ukulele melody.  The anger seems to come out on “Puking”.  The punk rock flavored tune grinds along with raw guitar and drum pushing the energy forward.  The talent of all the players involved really shines through here.  Their ability to meld genres shows off how versatile they really are.  

Hear some more Angus Crowne and The Family Jewels on their SOUNDCLOUD.

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