IBG Contributor James Wilson’s Most Anticipated 2018 Releases

As 2017 becomes a memory, we now look towards the new year and what it will bring. As we all make our plans, some of us think our anticipated releases in 2018 or what new music will become part of our new soundtrack. There are many artists who are planning to unleash new EPs and albums that I am eager to hear this year. I want to share 5 musicians/bands who are currently topping my wishlist (in alphabetical order):

Amy and the Calamities

This is the name given to the solo artist, Amy Wawn. She has been busy in 2017 spreading the word about her music which ranges from delta style blues to folk. It doesn’t matter what type of sound she wants to deliver, it features an infectious vibe thanks to her lyrics and stunning vocals.

Her debut EP The Suspects is due this month. It promises to deliver the raw sound of her slide guitar, foot-stomping rhythms, thoughtful lyrics, and compelling melodies. Amy and the Calamities has already released the track “No Advice” to give us a taste of what we can expect. 

Brother Dege

Like most people, I got introduced to Brother Dege after hearing his epic track “Too Old to Die Young” during the film Django Unchained. Its old school blues slide guitar had my attention after the first few seconds. Not long after that, I found out he had released the albums Folk Songs of the American Longhair and How to Kill a Horse. Both showcased someone with sublime guitar skills, authentic vocals, and grounded lyrics. His last offering, Scorched Earth Policy, continued the same trend.

Brother Dege has been dropping teasers on his Facebook and Twitter pages about his upcoming album. From what he has mentioned and audio snippets he has shared, this new collection of songs will not disappoint. 

City of Sound

This band surprised me this year when I was introduced to their album The Apartment Diaries. Their style of electronic indie rock was not my usual sound, but they made me pay attention to their anthemic music that sweeps you away. You can find out more about this release by reading my review here.

City of Sound have been busy in the studio working on the debut album Silent Empire. They have been keeping their fans updated but have not given too much away. I’m looking forward to grabbing a copy of the album and pressing play. Head over to their socials on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date.

Afterglow by CityofSound

Flight Brigade

I only discovered the music from this band while at Great Escape Festival 2017. Flight Brigade know how to deliver a live show with their wonderful energetic pop-rock sound and infectious hooks. Their debut album Our Friends Our Enemies is all killer no filler and include the epic songs “When We Were Young” and “U Kill Me”.

Because of all of this, when they announced that they were working on album number two, how could I not be excited? They have mentioned on their social media sites that they will launch a Kickstarter campaign to ensure the album gets unleashed on the world. When they do, they will have my money. Head over to to keep up to date about their world, which includes links to their socials.

Grumble Bee

When you listen to Grumble Bee (AKA Jack Bennett), or see him perform live, it is difficult not to admire the raw passion he has for his craft. He seems to ignore the rule book when it comes to creating his rock/pop sound. He goes with his flow and creates what is right for him and not what the world expects. His debut EP Disconnect highlights an artist who can share his lyrical talent with a delicate vocal presence or pack a punch with impressive power. His tracks “Lapwing” and “Skywriter” are perfect examples of what he has to offer.

With the release of the songs “Red” and “Bravest Soul,” my anticipation for EP number two is high. It looks like he will be releasing his strongest collection of songs that will make Grumble Bee a name that people will be talking about. To find out more about this talent then head over to, which include links to his social media sites and upcoming shows.

I have a feeling there may be other artists and bands that I have forgotten about while compiling this list. There is so much great music out there but the important thing is to support the ones that are special to you.

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