Armani Jackson Is So Much More Than “Almost Perfect”

Most people associate musical talent with years and even decades of dedication to your craft. But some people are just born oozing with charm and talent, and that seems to be true of 16 year old Armani Jackson. Spending the last decade acting in various tv/film roles, Armani has flipped the switch and began creating show-stopping music.

Plowing a path in the R&B/rap world, Armani is turning heads with his debut single titled “Almost Perfect.” The track features vocals from 24hrs, which flexes industry connections and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for Armani Jackson.

Everything about “Almost Perfect” drips with finesse, with Armani’s smooth-as-honey vocals and laid-back beats. After listening to the track dozen’s of times, I’m still perplexed and taken aback that something so perfectly put together could come from such a young talent.

If the overall sound of “Almost Perfect” doesn’t prove the maturity Armani holds, the lyrical content will drive the point home. “Almost Perfect” is all about a break-up, but this isn’t an angst filled diss track. Armani makes a choice to take the higher ground and realizes that the relationship he had before isn’t what it was anymore.

This is easily the most impressive debut track I’ve seen this year. Armani Jackson showcased a well-rounded and complete R&B sound with “Almost Perfect” and it’s endlessly clear there’s only more talent to come from him. You’ll be playing him on your radio’s within the year, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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